Athena is the name of my Content Management System (CMS) developed specifically for use by schools, charitable and educational organisations. Athena aims to provide an easily updated web presence for current and potential stakeholders.

The system is modular and allows organisations to be selective on what functions they wish to include on their websites.

Main Features

  • RSS Feed for news, newsletters, podcasts or any download.
  • Streaming radio / podcasts. Plays directly in the website without downloading.
  • Add files via the website easily and display on the correct page for download with links to the relevant software which may be required by visitors.
  • eAlerts allows parent to sign up for emails when you add newsletters, radio shows or any other download. Parents can subscribe themselves with no intervention from staff.
  • Multiple users can upload, add, edit and remove content.
  • Update the website from any computer with a web connection.
  • Updates and new features provided to all customers as they are designed and released. You can keep up-to-date and this is included in you annual renewal.
  • Hosting provided by for hosting Athena is now carbon neutral! So your new website will be green too.

For more information check out the links to the right or just contact me.