Apollo is an automated online multiply choice testing system. Design for a medical assement provider, the system allow users to login using a share account and create there own personal profile, undertake the required tests and emails the account holder the certifiate without any intervention.

Key Features

  • Multiple tests each configurable with different price, number of questions and passmark.
  • Multiple billing accounts with different types (prepay, credit, fixed free) with fixed discounts possible.
  • Automated system requires minimal intivention from staff event with hundreds of test taken each month.
  • Email the account hold / administator / user details of passes and fails including certificates where needed.
  • Monthly pass reported allow a printed record to be kept of all certificates issued.
  • Monthly tally of tests and invoicing informations.
  • Use images as questions or answers.
  • Unlimited number of answers per questions and multiple correct answers possible.

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